Where to Find a Partner to have a Lazy Weekend Together

There is nothing wrong with enjoying someone’s company yet not wanting a commitment. You would be surprised how many people are out there who want the same thing that you do. You might want to find a partner to spend the weekend with and you can totally do that. Here are some tips on how and where to find a casual partner!


Get Digital

One of the best ways you can find a partner to be casual with is to go on online dating sites. Great sites help you do just that. You can find so many people who want casual date nights on these sites. The best part is that you can get a good gist of the person without meeting them right away. Online dating sites show you their profile that has their photos, biography, some details, etc.

Dating apps are fantastic because you get to go through a lot of people without leaving your home. The site gives you a bunch of people who are near you that you can contact at any moment as long as you match with them. When you match, you or the other person can decide to chat and see where it takes you. 

Going Out

You can try your luck by going out into the real world. A good place you can start is by hitting up the nightclubs and bars because there are tons of single people there. The only tricky part here is that you need more confidence but once you are used to the scene you should be okay. However, you should be sure you do not get too intoxicated. Stick to a few drinks and once you start to feel a buzz, slow down then drink again after an hour. No one wants to talk to someone who is too drunk, especially if they want what you want.

Social Media

If you want, you could try out social media to find someone to have casual sex with. When you go through instagram, you might find girls near you that you can message or “slide in their DMs.” It might be a bit tricky at first because they will not give out their exact location, but you never know until you try! You can also go through suggested people on Instagram to see who you can follow.

You can also look through suggested friends on Facebook. Facebook is fantastic because you get to see your mutual friends, their photos, their relationship status, location, etc. However, you should tread a bit lightly here because a lot of people might think you are creepy. If you have mutual friends, you could ask that friend to find a way to make you both meet and it could work out!

Finding a partner really enjoy your weekend does not have to be difficult when you have so many options. You can try out any of the places above and see where you can get lucky! Do not be scared, put yourself out there!